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Italian File Sharing Company Boole Server Opens Offices in Boston

boole-serverBoole Server, a trusted provider of enterprise file sharing and data protection in Europe, recently announced the opening of its two North American offices in San Francisco and Boston, as an expansion into the U.S. market. Boole Server’s on-premise solution provides full military-grade encryption to secure data even beyond perimeter and device-centric controls, and keep it from falling into unauthorized hands.

There are now as many as 729 different cloud applications in use at the average company, and many apps include confidential corporate data.1 Leading international companies including Barilla, UnipolSai, Giorgio Armani, Tod’s, and Versace are taking back control of their data by using Boole Server for collaboration, sharing, and the highest level of data security in the industry (encryption keys at 2048 bit). Boole Server is location agnostic and secures data, files and messages wherever they reside — from messaging apps, flash drives, folders, SharePoint, and mobile apps to online document editors.

“We envision an end to corporate data breaches through smarter file sharing and data-centric security,” said Valerio Pastore, founder, CTO, Boole Server. “Boole Server is the ultimate enterprise data protection solution, far surpassing the scope and capabilities of its nearest competitors. Our pioneering use of the strongest available encryption is the remedy that the market needs to secure confidential information from prying eyes — whosever they may be.”

Boole Server uniquely encrypts everything, but data access remains flexible with granular access rights. Data is always encrypted, at rest, in transport and even when in use by the user. Sharing is possible with both internal and external users, yet data control remains in the hands of the file owners. Boole Server offers the most extensive data control features in its class and can disable copy/paste functions, printing, screen grabs and videos for an added security layer. Full audit trails and dynamic access policies work anywhere and everywhere.

According to a report by Forrester Research, Inc.2 “Hacked customer data can erase millions in profits within weeks, stolen intellectual property can erase competitive advantage in less than a year, and unnecessary privacy abuses can bring unwanted scrutiny and fines from regulators while inflicting reputational damage that can last months, even years. Achieving a certain level of data security and protecting customer privacy is no easy feat. Almost every enterprise, from an online retailer to a hospital to a government agency, rarely works in isolation and can rarely confine data to within the four walls of the organization.”

About Boole Server

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Boole Server is the leading provider of trusted data centric protection of intellectual property and serves some of the world’s largest businesses, including Barilla, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Versace and Tod’s. Founded in 2008, and backed by private equity from Versace, Boole Server was conceived by military and software industry security expert Valerio Pastore, the creator of xbinary. Boole Server extends enterprise security beyond the perimeter with flexible access controls, granular rights, and powerful encryption to wherever and whenever data is being shared. For more information about Boole Server, go to: www.booleserver.com

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