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“The Deal is Done” – U.S. led group acquires AS Roma

Thomas DiBenedetto and AS Roma representatives held a press conference in Boston on Friday, April 15, hinting at the possibility of soon closing the deal that would put the Italian soccer team in the hands of American owners.

“The deal is done,” said DiBenedetto, “we just have to receive approval from the stock exchange and antitrust regulators.”

Details of the deal were not disclosed, but DiBenedetto pointed out he was “determined to overcome any obstacles.”

Pictures of the event:

Once regulatory approval is granted, DiBenedetto’s group will own 67% of AS Roma, for a value of approximately $100 million. The DiBenedetto consortium’s share will be then broken down, 60% held by the group led by DiBenedetto himself and 40% by UniCredit, the Italian bank currently holding a majority stake in AS Roma.

DiBenedetto, a successful banker and president of the Boston International Group, has vowed to elevate Roma to the glory days of the past.

“The objective is to be as successful as Mr. Berlusconi has been with his Milan,” said DiBenedetto, referring to the warm welcome the Italian prime minister reserved for the American tycoon.

As an Italian American himself, DiBenedetto admitted his heritage had some part in pursuing the deal.

“It was business first of all, envisioning what success Roma could obtain,” he said, “but being an Italian American and being very proud of my heritage clearly had very much to do with it. My father was a staunch supporter of all things Italian.”

Video by Stefano Salimbeni.

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