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Results of Dante Alighieri Board of Directors Election 2012

The Dante Alighieri of Massachusetts recently held its annual election of the board of directors. Four members were reconfirmed and two new members were elected.

The two new members are Anna Buxton and Michael Di Clemente, (both members’ bios available at the bottom of this post) who will join the Culture Committee and Library Committee, alongside Lino Rullo, President Emeritus of the Dante and Chairman of the Education Committee, and Professor Cecilia Mattii of Boston College. Together, they will help seek a donor for The Dante Alighieri library.

Four other members of the board of directors were reconfirmed in their roles. They include Kevin Galiè, founder and conductor of the Coro Dante; Giovanni Saraceni, active member of the Dante since 1975; Franco Scala, building contractor and fundraiser; and Frank Vitiello, retired architect.

Anna Buxton

Born near Vicenza, Anna Maria Buxton Vicentini is a scientist. She received a degree in biochemistry at the University of Waterloo in Canada and has conducted research in the biotechnology and protein engineering fields.

Since her husband relocated to Cambridge, she has been a Board member and community adviser of the Winchester Multicultural Network and represents the town with the Massachusetts Human Rights Commission. Currently, she is working on the reorganization of the Dante’s library as Chair of the Library Committee.

Buxton has had experience with many cultures: Married to an Englishman, she has a son born in Canada and a daughter born in Switzerland, and is dedicated to her “italianità.”

Michael Di Clemente

Michael Di Clemente is well known at the Dante, having attended the Italian school there since he was young. Michael is currently working as an EMT but his first love is Italian history, in which he hopes to receive his Ph.D. so he can go on to teaching the field at the university level. He recently completed his Master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston by writing a thesis on Gaetano Salvemini, who taught at Harvard while he was in exile from Italy during fascism.

While in eighth grade, Michael won an essay contest that was hosted jointly with Casit for public schools in the area for students in Italian classes. Following this event, Michael went on a trip to Italy with students from the Dante and later began his studies at the Dante. This event encouraged him to pursue Italian studies, and spurred him to learn more about his heritage.

Michael authored the section of the Dante website describing the history of Italian-Americans in the Boston area. He serves as a member of the Library Committee.

About Emanuele Capoano

Emanuele is a correspondent for the Tuscan magazine LoSchermo.it and is also a theatrical actor. Before coming to Boston to teach Italian, he was a freelance radio journalist in Florence, Italy.