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RAI Drops Serie A Rights Abroad, ‘Giostra del Gol’ On the Line

UPDATE: Days after this story, RAI and the company owning international broadcast rights to Serie A agreed on a new deal. Read more about it here.

Tens of thousands of Italians abroad who depend on RAI to keep up with their favorite Italian soccer team might soon have to find alternative sources for all calcio-related news.

According to a report from Repubblica.it, RAI has not renewed the international rights to broadcast Serie A footage. The decision could lead to the closure of ‘La Giostra dei Gol,’ one of the most popular programs for Italians abroad who stay connected to soccer via RAI.

‘La Giostra dei Gol’ was one of very few programs saved by RAI at the end of 2011, after it decided to cut most of the original programming for RAI International. Protests from Italians abroad were ignored by RAI executives.

RAI’s decision to not renew international broadcast rights to Serie A is due to the lack of viewership data for programs outside Italy, which has reportedly made it harder to find advertisers of ad agency SIPRA, which deals with all advertising matters for RAI.

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  1. The RAI are deluded. They must realise that the only reason many customers pay for the RAI is so that we can watch the Italian Serie A football.
    If they dont have renew their rights to the Serie A, then many customers, including myself, will exercise their right to cease paying for the RAI.
    Now what impact will that have on their advertising if their is no audience at all ?

  2. Marcello Napolitano

    Incredibile !!
    Viene a mancare il programma piu’ importante del palinsesto di Rai International !!
    Stiamo proprio a raschiare il fondo del barile !!
    E passi per tutta la roba di terzo ordine che stanno trasmettendo; e passi per i tagli di tutte le trasmissioni originalmente ideate per gli italiani all’ estero.
    Tagliando “La Giostra Del Gol” la RAI perdera’ probabilmente centinaia di migliaia di abbonamenti mensili di italiani all’estero.
    Non ha assolutamente senso. Con milioni di italiani all’estero la RAI sta rimediando l’ennesima figuraccia. Dopo tutto per RAI international io pago un canone mensile da ben 15 anni.
    Incredibile !!