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City of Boston Inherits Italian Home… and Pets

Atina's city center.

The Boston Globe reports today on the story of Luciano Visocchi, who left all of his belongings (including several cats and two dogs) to the city of Boston.

The news first appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Tempo last November. In a sudden twist of events, a new will appeared, naming Boston as Visocchi’s sole hereditary. The news has turned the little southern Lazio town of Atina. [map]

The local Frosinone edition of the paper had been following the news of Visocchi’s will since August 2010, after the man’s death. Back then, it seemed Visocchi’s will handed all of his properties to the 18 members of the “Atinates” list, a small electoral group which Visconti had taken part in and that prided itself of being independent from traditional Italian political parties.

Visocchi’s choice of Boston isn’t all that strange, given both his mother and aunt were born and raised in the city.

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino doesn’t seem to keen on this new long-distance property. “It’s unbelievable. I want to know who is going to feed the cats and dogs,’’ Menino told the Boston Globe, adding that the inherited pets would not be easy to take care of. “They’re over in Italy. What do you want me to do?’’

Now the 18 original heirs are ready to start a legal battle to get back what they evidently believe was intended for them. Dozens of lawyers have already been hired, according to Il Tempo, and the little town is all abuzz about the change of events. After all, this might be the biggest news event the town has seen since the completion of the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, back in the 18th century.

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral in Atina, Frosinone. (picture from Tre Cancelle Blog)

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