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Historian Vincenza Scarpaci Presents ‘The Journey of Italians in America’

Video courtesy of NorthEndWaterfront.com

On September 24, Italian American author and historian Vincenza Scarpaci presented her book, Journey of the Italians in America, at the North End branch of the Boston Public Library.

The Journey of the Italians in America uses photos to describe the experience of immigrants and their descendants. In addition to covering the life cycle of family, work, socialization and achievements, this book explores the deeper impact of the cultural transition from immigrant to ethnic.

Most of the photos and stories were gathered from families and communities and placed in the broader context of the immigrant experience.

Readers will encounter the presence and influence of Italians in small rural towns as well as large urban areas; obtain glimpses into the darker side of immigration, the failures to adjust, the distress of being caught between two separate cultures; appreciate the significant role Italians played in the production and distribution of fresh produce to the native born population; recognize the ongoing interaction of Italians with other ethnic groups, and consider how individuals identify as American Italians in the 21st century.

For more information about Scarpaci and the book, please visit her website: http://www.italianamericanjourney.com/

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