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Italian Life Expo in Portland, Maine

Visitors and tourists in Maine recently had the chance to experience Italy on the Portland, Maine waterfront at the Ocean Gateway Center with the first edition of the Italian Life Expo.

The expo was a unique showcase for a new generation of artisans producing Italy’s finest specialties in centuries-old traditions including: hand-crafted Italian cheeses and delicate hams; exclusive regional wines and olive oils; traditional copper pans, housewares and ceramics.

Discussions included Italian travel ideas and traditions with experts, from navigating the backroads of Italy to cooking authentic Tuscan cuisine.

About Stefano Salimbeni

Stefano is a Boston-based freelance reporter, correspondent and producer for Italy’s national TV network RAI. Over the past 15 years he has produced more than 800 “Italian-angled” news stories and features from New England and from around the United States for RAI’s international channel, RAI Italia, broadcast to over 60 million viewers of Italian origins or of Italian descent living outside of Italy. He also assisted, and occasionally still does, RAI’s main correspondents in producing news stories and special reports during major news events. For the past three years, Stefano has also been the US correspondent for Famiglia Cristiana, one of Italy’s most widely circulated national magazines. He came to Boston in 1996 to earn a master’s degree and fulfill a lifelong dream of being a journalist. Stefano’s work can be viewed on his personal website, www.stefanosalimbeni.com.