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Laura Indolfi Makes Waves as TED Fellow

Laura Indolfi, a biomedical entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Boston-based PanTher Therapeutics, was recently selected as a TED Fellow, joining a class of 21 change-makers from around the world who shared their ideas and groundbreaking work from the TED stage in Vancouver in February.

“I use biomaterials to address the unmet clinical needs in medicine, especially in cardiovascular and cancer treatments,” says Indolfi, a native of Naples. “Most of these diseases are localized within a specific organ or area of the body and the current notion of treating them with drugs that will need to travel the entire body prior to reach the targeted site is poorly optimized and minimally efficient. I’m working on revolutionizing this approach by designing solutions that can deliver the medicine directly at the site of interest.”

Founded in 2009, the TED Fellows program brings together extraordinary young people to join the global TED community, creating a platform to drive awareness of their ambitious, cross-disciplinary work. Each year, a class of innovators who show both outstanding achievement and exemplary character is chosen to attend the TED or TEDGlobal Conference and partake in an exclusive pre-conference, where they share ideas and engage in skill-building workshops.

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