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Valentina Oppezzo Wins ‘Most Avant-Garde’ Award at MIT Trashion Show

Who says “Trashy” can’t be “Classy”?

Valentina Oppezzo - Trashion MIT

Valentina Oppezzo and her award-winning dress (photo courtesy Melissa Renee Schumacher from the Tech)

Italian fashion designer Valentina Oppezzo recently took home the “Most Avant-Garde” award at the 2013 Trashion Show.

Organized by MIT’s Undergraduate Association Sustainability Committee, the December 6 fashion show challenged designers and student designers to transform waste into original, fashionable clothing.

In front of prestigious speakers such as Mayor of Cambridge Henrietta Davis, Co-Founder of Lallitara Elizabeth Buckley and EPA Representative Shira Sternberg, twenty designers with 25 different outfit creations showed off their talents.

Judges included MIT Physics Professor Peter Dourmashkin, Founder of Shubhra Designs Shubrah, Co-Founder of Lallitara Elizabeth Buckley and EPA Scientist Regina Lyons

“The garment is made with used piano components, taken out from old or broken pianos and donated by piano tuners Louis Gentile and Panos Tsigkos,” says Oppezzo about her award-winning outfit.

“For the skirt I used piano keys from a ready-to-be-trashed piano; and piano strings, some of them from a 1905 Steinway Piano that was about to be refurbished. The belt is decorated instead with used piano hammers and old tuning pins. All the paper sections (the top, the underskirt, the flowers and the clutch bag) are made using pages from second hand music score books.

“The dress is an expansion of the “wearable piano” seminal project, developed together with jazz pianist Moira Lo Bianco.”

When it comes to fashion design, Oppezzo’s philosophy is all about sustainability.

“When making garments, I keep the planet and animals’ well-being in mind,” says Oppezzo, who previously attended the School of Fashion Design in Boston.

“I don’t use materials that require killing animals, so no leather, fur, silk or feathers. I use eco-friendly fabrics and I try to recycle and upcycle materials, fabrics and notions as much as possible.”


Awardees were as follows:

1st Place- Jenny French
2nd Place- Emily Tow
3rd Place- Elissa Borshchenko
Most Avant-Garde- Valentina Oppezzo
Most Unique- Jeffrey Dickerson
Judges’ Favorite- Lilian Barbosa
People’s Choice Award- Lilian Barbosa

Valentina Oppezzo - Trashion MIT

Valentina Oppezzo (photo courtesy Dimonika Bray)

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