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International Poster Gallery Acquires Two New Italian Posters

The International Poster Gallery recently acquired several new posters, including two designed by Italian artists.

Here are the two posters, along with short descriptions:

buzziDanielle Buzzi, Lugano – Southern Switzerland, 1952

Born in 1890 and strongly influenced by Matisse and other Fauvist artists, Danielle Buzzi was one of the most unique and skilled poster artists from the Italian-speaking southern part of Switzerland.

This charming view highlights the traditional ferry boats of Gandria, a historic (and auto-free) village on the northeast side of Lugano. In the distance can be seen Lugano’s famous peak of Monte San Salvatore.

This poster was so successful it was produced in both the 28″ x 40″ travel format and the oversize Swiss “World Format” of 35″ x 50″.

mingozziGiovanni Mingozzi, Campari Soda, 1950

Campari soda was first produced in 1932 and became the first pre-mixed alcoholic drink sold world-wide. Its famous single-serve bottle was designed by none other than Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero and described as an upside down goblet. It remains today as a masterpiece of commercial design.

This handsome Object Poster by Mingozzi smartly plays on this theme, focusing only on the bottle and its interplay with a goblet in front of it. No tagline is necessary.

For more, visit www.internationalposter.com.

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