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Touch of Italian at ICA Fashion Forward Event

ICA Fashion Forward

Strolling on the catwalk at ICA Fashion Forward (photo by ©Valentina Oppezzo)

Fashion arrived at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art on Friday, October 5, brought by some of the most luxurious boutiques in Boston, including Italian Serenella and Riccardi.

The museum opened its doors to the public for the ICA First Fridays: Fashion Forward event, celebrating the art of Brazilian brothers Os Gemeos, whose first solo exhibition in the United States is now on display at the ICA through November 26.

Stylists and fashion experts from Serenella, Riccardi, and other boutiques in Boston (Louis Boston, Turtle, and Uniform) organized a runway show introducing six looks inspired by the graffiti and urban art of the two artists. On the catwalk, the models wore colorful, layered outfits, with intricate patterns, and unusual, voluminous silhouettes. A mix of artistic/bohemian look and street fashion, which recalls the surreal and contemporary style of Os Gemeos’ paintings.

Models’ hair and make-up were styled by Salon Mario Russo. Mario, who grew up in Formia, Italy, brought to the U.S. the Italian tradition of using the benefits of olive-oil for the care of hair and skin.

In the following video, Gary Crouteau, educational director of the salon, explains how they were inspired by the “strong two dimensional silhouette” of Os Gemeos characters to create asymmetric hair styles and unusual make-up.

About Valentina Oppezzo

Valentina is an Italian photographer. She started her career in Italy, but opened her own photographic studio after moving to Boston.