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Newpoli explores new folk frontiers in latest release

Newpoli (photo by Tico & Red)

Newpoli (photo by Tico & Red)

Boston’s own Italian folk group is back!

Drawing inspiration from their own members’ immigrant experiences, the group is set to realese its fourth album later this month, infusing their southern Italian sound with a fresh wave of originality. “In the last couple of years we’ve seen so many more young people emigrate from the south of Europe,” says guitarist and mandola player Björn Wennås. Their experiences inspired the album, as well as the title track, “Nun te Vutà” (Don’t Look Back). “It’s a very sympathetic song,” says singer Carmen Marsico. “Of course there’s sadness, but in the chorus there’s more energy, happiness — that sense of hope for the life ahead.”

The album features energetic ballads based on the rhythmic beats of the taranta, as well as joyful pizzicas typical of regions like Campania and Basilicata. Building on 12 years of experience, the group took a leap into unchartered territory with “Nun te Vutà,” writing five original tracks that accompany seven rearranged traditional songs.

Newpoli will be holding a special CD release party and concert at the Oberon in Cambridge on May 29. Other members of the group are Angela Rossi, Fabio Pirozzolo, Roberto Cassan, Daniel Meyers, Karen Burciaga, and Sean Farias.


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