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Young Sicilian Filmmaker Wins Second Prize at BU Festival

This year’s Redstone Film Festival at Boston University attracted a full capacity crowd, and many people had to be turned away after the Tsai Performance Center filled up.

The February 13 event showcased six films made by BU students, including Find Your Way (Figlio Del Mare) by Pietro Nigro Famulari, a native from Siracusa, Sicily.

The film, which follows a young Sicilian orphan named Massimo for one day, won second prize at the festival. It was filmed in Sicily. Crew members that helped out Nigro Famulari were fellow students Trevor K. Taylor, Andrea Rosas Ferro, Dimitri Kouri, Stephen Ohl, Jeffrey Stallman and Kathy Lee.

“This feels like the perfect seal to end my time at Boston University,” he said, according to The Quad. “I’m happy, because it tells me I’m on the right path.” The auspice is to present Find Your Way to Italian film festivals and increase awareness about orphanages and social workers in Italy.

“They need to be discovered,” Nigro said. “They need support for the work that they do.”

Here are two trailers of the film available on YouTube:

Film description: “Find A Way” is a short film that will take you in a journey of one day in the life of a young boy. Massimo is 12 years old and has lived for most of his life in a house for children who are waiting to be adopted. However Massimo is getting too old to hope a family will be interested in him, and he is starting to wonder what will become of him when the time comes to leave the family-house. He gets lost and in that moment he faces a difficult dilemma: should he trust the people he has around, or is he better off alone?

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