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‘Think Outside the Purse’ – Photography Exhibition by Valentina Oppezzo

“Think outside the purse” is a Fashion exhibition by Valentina Oppezzo, featuring photographs and fabrics printed with photographic patterns.

The exhibition made its debut at this year’s Boston En Vogue, during the event hosted by Baku Sunset.

“Thinking outside the purse means looking at fashion from a different point of view,” says Valentina. “It means seeing fashion as the missing link between an hectic style of life, in which we can sometimes feel misplaced or disconnected, and a more “organic” and natural lifestyle.”

EXHIBITION: Think outside the Purse at Boston En Vogue 2011:

Valentina is an Italian professional photographer, now living in Cambridge, and running a studio in Boston. After training as a drawer and studying Cinema at the University of Trieste (Italy), she started working in the medium of photography. She initially explored the field of Fine Art Photography, creating tiny photographic sets using everyday objects which became the protagonists of indefinite, magical, ambiguous stories.

Valentina has displayed her art in several solo and group exhibitions in Italy and in the United States. She moved to Boston in 2009, and after many experiences as assistant and second shooter for documentary and commercial photographers, she now works as a freelancer and is specializing in fashion and product photography, model portfolios and catalogues. Her passion for Fine Art Photography has merged with her new interest for fashion, leading her to experiment with other artistic media.


Boston En Vogue photographs by ©Nicola Orichuia.

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