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Chef Lorena Autori Brings Flavor of Italy to Massachusetts

Come savor authentic Italian Cuisine alongside renowned Chef Lorena Autori of Umbria, Italy on her US tour as she hosts cooking classes and a delectable dinner complete with delicacies travelling with her from Italy.

Chef Lorena Autori_ Newsletter_august 2013Born in Salerno, in Italy’s Campania region and raised in Umbria Chef Lorena has a passion for quality Italian gastronomy

  • Trained in the Gualtiero Marchesi’s renowned international school for Italian cuisine in Parma, ALMA
  • Regularly collaborates with major Italian radio station RadioUno as their culinary correspondent
  • Has had the privilege to cook for Michelin Starred Chefs such as Lidio Delfini and Tiziano Rossetti, Italian nobility, and some US athletes.
  • Continues to create with gusto in her own venture: Percorsi Con Gusto. Translated as Tasteful Journeys , she seeks to diffuse authentic Italian culture through traditional cuisine
  • Whether it is hosting private cooking lessons and cuisine tours in her Seventeenth Century residence in the medieval town of Sangemini, Umbria or through exclusive showcases and cooking instruction in the US, she never tires of disseminating both the traditional and her nouveau Italian cuisine as she travels the globe

Key Tour Dates:

Showcase Dinner:
Best of Boston 2013’s Erbaluce, Boston. Wine Degustation by Chef Charles Draghi and Music by Berklee Jazz Musician, Edmar Colon, August 14th 7:00PM

Cooking Master Classes:
Wellesley College, August 19th 1:00PM & 5:30PM
St. Mary’s Winchester, August 21st 1:00PM & 5:30PM

Private Chef Services:
Bespoke menu and done in home for you & your guests as cooking classes or catering.

To RSVP, visit www.percorsicongusto.com.

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