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Fattoria di Limone enters Massachusetts market with Berkshire Brewing Company partnership

fattoria-limoneFattoria di Limone announces the availability of their Limoncello Original Liqueur in the state of Massachusetts. Fattoria di Limone Limoncello Original Liqueur is a lemon-flavored beverage made in small batches from regionally-sourced natural ingredients, mostly within New York State, following a classic Italian recipe. The company has partnered with KyMar Distillers in Charlottsville, NY to create 375 ml and 750 ml size varieties. These sizes, available at manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $18.99 and $23.99, respectively, will be distributed throughout the state by Berkshire Brewing Company of South Deerfield, MA. Flavored liqueurs such as limoncello are one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the US.

Fattoria di Limone — which means “lemon farm” in Italian — is a minority-owned company led by two entrepreneurs, Dawn Jacksland and Erik Christman, who share several decades of experience in sales, marketing, and advertising. “We’re excited to be going into the great state of Massachusetts as we look forward to expand the Fattoria brand in 2015,” said Mr. Christman, President and COO. “We hope Massachusetts comes to love all our products and enjoy the hand-crafted beverages we do at Fattoria,” Mrs. Jacksland, CEO adds. “It takes time and care to make a great beverage. Our customers count on us for consistency, due to our unique blending process and double filtration. No one else can guarantee that each batch tastes the same — we do!”

Fattoria di Limone is an environmentally conscious company that utilizes natural by-products from limoncello like lemon peels and juice. Fattoria utilizes a unique blending process that produces consistent-tasting batches year after year, unlike any other limoncello that is hand-made.


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