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Salvatore’s Restaurant To Host “Chef’s Playground”

Salvatore's Restaurant

Salvatore’s Restaurant

Salvatore’s Restaurant, which has five locations around the Greater Boston area, will be hosting its first ever “Chef’s Playground.” And no, it does not involve chefs playing on the monkey bars. However, it does involve chefs digging deep into their creativity to prepare delicious dishes!  There are no limitations on what the chef can create, so be ready to take your taste buds for a ride! Each of the five locations will have various dishes, based on the chef’s culinary background, neighborhood demands for specific dishes, or seasonal menus.

What makes this experience the most exciting is not knowing which dishes will stay and which will go. Most of the dishes will be on the menu quarterly, whereas others will be gone by the next night.

This delicious event has already started, so stop by a Salvatore’s Restaurant today! For more information or to make reservations, please visit www.salvatoresrestaurants.com.

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