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Sauces ‘n Love Founder Paolo Volpati-Kedra Talks of Past and Future

Paolo Volpati-Kedra inside his facility in Lynn.

Paolo Volpati-Kedra inside his facility in Lynn.

When Paolo Volpati-Kedra first came to Boston in 1993 to study Economics, little did he know that 20 years later he would be running one of the state’s most successful pasta sauce companies.

The founder and president of Sauces ’n Love hails from Monza, near Milan, and is proud to show visitors his Lynn-based facility, where three separate lines of production work on sauces ranging from Marinara to Alfredo, as well as pesto.

“We recently were certified to produce kosher and organic foods,” says the 40-year-old entrepreneur.

Volpati-Kedra has come a long way since starting the company in 2000. The idea came after the growing popularity of his sauces among friends and neighbors visiting his Brighton home.

“People liked the sauces I made, so I came up with a weekly menu, with a different sauce every day,” says Volpati-Kedra. “After a while I wrote my first business plan and soon after we opened our first facility in Medford. Two years later we moved into a bigger facility in Somerville because we just ran out of room in the first one.”

From there, Volpati-Kedra produced the two brands he is still proud to showcase nowadays: Sauces ’n Love for fresh sauces that can be found in the refrigerated section of grocery stores, and Scarpetta, the longer-life sauces that can be found in the grocery aisle.


Few things have changed in Volpati-Kedra’s attitude towards the job since his start in the business: His passion for making excellent sauces has never subsided, and he is still intimately involved with the process, which takes place one floor below his office in Lynn.

snl-logo-150“Things are going well now,” he says, “and we’re projecting a 60 percent growth in 2013. But it hasn’t always been this way.”

When the economy tanked in 2008, Sauces ’n Love went through a crisis of its own.

“The year actually started off great,” says Volpati-Kedra. “In April we reached the $1 million in sales mark for the first time. But towards the end of the year, everything went downhill pretty fast.”

At the end of 2008, Sauces ’n Love lost one of its biggest clients and found itself with only 30 percent of sales compared to just several months earlier.

Volpati-Kedra had to make a decision: Change the company dramatically or lose it all.

sauces-love1“Despite everyone telling me I was crazy, in the middle of 2009 I decided to move into a space that was three times larger than the one we were in,” he says. “I sensed that the previous location represented a limit to our growth. I also thought we needed to diversify our output and start producing for other companies. Those were the toughest months, with pressure from all sides.”

Small companies started working with Sauces ’n Love, outsourcing their production to Volpati-Kedra.

“The philosophy behind our work here is that the client’s success is our success,” Volpati-Kedra says. “When a company comes to me I understand its needs. Owning my own brands, I know exactly what my clients are looking for.”

sauces-love3The 2009 move to Lynn paid off in the long run. Thanks to the extra space, Volpati-Kedra’s company has been able to put up three production lines: Two for tomato-based sauces, with automated machines for plastic or glass jars, and one for pesto.

“We’re also working on some ideas to expand our Alfredo sauce,” says Volpati-Kedra. “People just love it!”

Production has also increased recently after Volpati-Kedra was able to secure a deal to provide Whole Foods with all the necessary sauces for its prepared meals.

volpati1“It’s a whole different type of distribution system,” says Volpati-Kedra. “To meet the demand for these types of jobs we recently hired two experts in their field: Giovanni Cassano, our new sales manager, and Rocio Tacuri, who takes car of operations and logistics. We also had to get a warehouse nearby. It’s super technological and we can keep constant track of what is going on there. At the same time, it allows us to never interrupt the production cycle. This way we make sure we always have the ingredients we need to produce the sauces.”

Sauces that are always made with love, he points out — no matter how big the company is.

For more on Sauces ‘n Love, visit the company’s website: www.saucesnlove.com

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