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MIT Post-Doc Eugenio Daviso Running for Italian Chamber of Deputies

All Italian citizens registered as living abroad will soon receive a ballot by mail to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Citizens living in North America will get to choose two deputies and one senator.

MoVimento 5 Stelle candidate Eugenio Daviso.

MoVimento 5 Stelle candidate Eugenio Daviso.

One candidate for the Chamber of Deputies is a local post-doc working at MIT.

Born on May 26, 1977, in Alba-Piemonte, Eugenio Daviso is currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry at MIT (Cambridge, MA) working on structure determination of functional amyloids and dynamic nuclear polarization, a method that boosts nuclear sensitivity in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance.

“I strongly believe — he says — that grassroots movements are the key for a healthy, clean and sustainable politics. Politicians should serve the citizens and not vice-versa. The time to delegate leaders solving our problems is up, we all have to participate in the res-publica. I believe in MoVimento 5 Stelle since it is born among people with their support, critics, ideas and projects aimed to move on together.”

After obtaining his Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry at the university of Torino in 2001, he then became a project manager (2002-2004) in the plastic-rubber industry sector, but shortly after decided to pursue a PhD in Biophysical Organic Chemistry at the University of Leiden (the Netherland), where he studied the photosynthetic process.

In 2007, while in the Netherlands, Daviso became a MoVimento 5 Stelle activist through the Amsterdam group and in 2012 he joined the Central and Northern American group.

“We all strongly support the elimination of public funding to parties, politicians with no criminal records, a maximum of two legislations for each candidate, the reduction of the number of deputies, the abolishment of provinces and merging administrations of small city halls with less than 5,000 people,” he says.

“If elected, we will be cutting our salary to 2,500 Euros and reinvest the surplus for the people. For Italians living abroad, we want to develop a global network to interface Italian companies with the talented residents outside of Italy, simplify and power up the procedures to collect retirement funds through a dedicated internet portal and optimization of the consulates to improve the development of Italian culture and entrepreneurship in the world.”

For more information on Daviso, you can contact him directly at e.davisom5s@gmail.com. For more on the MoVimento 5 Stelle, please visit http://www.beppegrillo.it/movimento/

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