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PD Primaries in Boston End in Tie

As most Italians voting for the primaries of the center-left coalition were getting ready to vote, Italian citizens living in North America had a chance to cast their ballot one day early.

On November 24 and December 1, 2012, the Boston primaries were held at Pasta Beach Restaurant on the Waterfront. The first round of voting crowned Florence mayor Matteo Renzi as winner with 41% of votes, while current PD secretary Luigi Bersani trailed in second place with 30% and Puglia governor Nichi Vendola came in third with 25%.

The second round of voting saw Bersani end up with a clear victory on a national level, while in Boston the result was a dead heat: 17 votes each.

The following are results of the two rounds of voting:

First round (November 24):

  • Matteo Renzi: 25 votes
  • Luigi Bersani: 18 votes
  • Nichi Vendola: 15 votes
  • Laura Puppato: 3 votes
  • Bruno Tabacci: 0 votes

Second round (December 1):

  • Luigi Bersani: 17 votes
  • Matteo Renzi: 17 votes

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