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Italian with Sabrina – Teaching is Her Passion

italian-with-sabrina1Want to learn Italian? Whom better to learn from than a native speaker with a passion for teaching and a love for Italy. Sabrina Amadei has been teaching Italian for thirty years and has her own Italian language school in Winchester, Massachusetts.

Sabrina grew up in Verona, Italy. She started her career in teaching when, at age 14, she taught ballet to thirty children three times a week during the summer. At the end of the summer, she organized a performance for her students. Attended by the parents, the well-received show included photographers, musicians to play during the intermission, and refreshments.

At 19, Sabrina developed her love for languages. After having spent a year in England and six months in Germany, she returned to Italy and worked as a teacher, translator, interpreter, and tour guide. At 24, she moved to Houston, Texas, where she studied interior design at the University of Houston while supporting herself by teaching Italian privately and at the In Lingua School. In 1987, she moved to Boston and began teaching children at St. John’s School in the North End while earning her interior design degree at the New England School of Art and Design. She then began teaching Adult Education programs at Concord Carlisle High School, Minute Man Community College, and Winchester High School. She has taught at restaurants and cafes in Concord and Winchester. She is currently teaching private and group lessons at her home in Winchester, where she has a welcoming, bright room devoted to teaching and an extensive library of Italian books and games.

In 2008, she founded “Italian with Sabrina”. Her goal was and remains to spread the Italian language and culture in an exciting, interactive, and intellectually stimulating way.


Sabrina believes that working hard is a must, but that learning is best achieved in an atmosphere of fun, where a laugh always comes first. In addition to teaching private and group language classes, Sabrina has also offered a variety of cultural experiences such as cooking classes, a guided tour to Tuscany, a class on Renaissance art, taught by art conservator Federica Ganzarolli, and a seminar on the work of 19th century poet Giacomo Leopardi. Once a month, she organizes a social evening where her students and others interested in Italian culture get together to practice the language while enjoying food and wine. The group watches a recent Italian movie with Italian subtitles.

Sabrina is always searching for new ideas and creative ways to spread the Italian culture and language. The mother of one of her students described her as a gem. Meet her and you will agree!

To find out more about Sabrina visit her website ItalianwithSabrina.org.


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