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Bostoniano… The Magazine!

Operating as a website since early 2011, we made a quantum leap forward in January 2013 with the launch of a gorgeous, glossy magazine.

Working hand-in-hand, our print and online versions will transform the way Boston-area Italian Americans keep in touch with each other and their heritage.

Our website will continue to celebrate the Italian side of the Greater Boston area in all of its glory, and our magazine will expand that reach to embrace the nation and the world.

Included in the magazine are fashion, book and music reviews; profiles of modern newsmakers and entertainment legends; folk tales, travel stories and in-depth explorations of Renaissance and Roman history; restaurant reviews and recipes; a treasure trove of local news; and a host of features in the Italian language.

Our new magazine has a pedigree that few other launches can match.

To make all of this possible, in fact, we have achieved a strategic partnership with what we consider the best Italian-American magazine in the country.

The Chicago area has had its own version of Bostoniano for more than half a century. Known as Fra Noi, it is cherished by the local community and hailed nationally as one of the best Italian-American publications in the country.

Twenty-thousand copies of our magazine will be available for free each month at retail outlets across the Boston area, offering advertisers unprecedented access to a large and vibrant community with proven purchasing power.

If reaching this community is important to you, there’s no time like the present to demonstrate your commitment.

For more information, send us an email at info@bostoniano.info.


  1. Do you mail any copies?

  2. Sicilian Scholars to Present Historic Simeto River Agreement: An Environmental Justice Landmark
    Friday, November 6, 4 pm
    Parish House, King’s Chapel

    A presentation describing how family farmers, environmentalists, and small town officials transformed a campaign to oppose a massive waster-to-energy facility in the Simeto River Valley into Italy’s first successful effort to enact a legally enforceable regional sustainability plan. This public lecture is being hosted by UMASS Boston’s newly launched Graduate Program in Urban Planning and Community Development. For more information, contact Professor Ken Reardon at 607-275-7402.

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