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Arnold Arboretum Tour in Italian (June 10)

When: Sunday, June 10, 2012 — 2 p.m.

Where: Arnold Arboretum — 125 Arborway, Boston MA [map]

The Arnold Arboretum has always grown plants from around the globe; now it is talking about them in multiple languages!

This summer, look for tours in ten different languages. Great for non-English speakers and those practicing foreign language skills. A tour in Italian with Francesca Secchi will be held on June 10.

You’ll hear engaging stories about the Arboretum’s history, design, mission, and current projects while seeing highlights of the spring season. Each tour will last about one hour, and is geared toward adults.

Meet at the Hunnewell Visitor Center at 125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130. No registration needed. Free.

Visita guidata all’Arboretum in Italiano: Domenica 10 Giugno ore 14.00
Guida: Francesca Secchi

Partecipa a una visita gratuita in italiano. Potrai scoprire curiosità sulla storia dell’Arboretum, sulla sua organizzazione e scopo e sui progetti in corso, il tutto ammirando i colori della primavera. La visita durerà circa un’ora, ed è rivolta a un pubblico adulto. Punto d’incontro: Hunnewell Visitor Center, 125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130.

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