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Tracking Our Carbon Footprint: Leonardo Bonanni and SourceMap

Every product has a precise carbon footprint, although labels almost never tell buyers where the various components come from.

But Italian entrepreneur and MIT Visiting Scientist Leonardo Bonanni has come up with SourceMap, a mapping system that can track production sources and the total carbon footprint of any product, as well as the pollution generated by individuals during travel.

In the words of its creator, SourceMap is a “suite of tools to support sustainable decision-making: a catalog of product origins and carbon footprints, a life-cycle assessment calculator, and a social network for sharing sustainable practices.”

The company offers a social network, mapping software to turn addresses into visuals, calculating tools that translate distance shipped into tons of carbon used, and barcode technology that can be placed on a product and scanned with a cellphone, generating sourcing information, the Boston Globe reported in an Aug. 29, 2011, interview with Bonanni.

In 2011, SourceMap was made into a company, of which Bonanni is founder and CEO.

Bonanni has spent the last ten years working with the MIT Media Lab.

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