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    carissimo Nicola , sei un GRANDE !
    Vorrei abbonarmi , pagherò il DOPPIO , PER’ inviami il Bostoniano a Cambridge
    Vi abbraccio tutti

  2. Dear Nicola,
    My daughter, who lives in the Boston area just sent me your link. I am so excited to subscribe to you nascent magazine. I would like all back issues sent to me, As well as subscribe going forward. I live in the Berkshires of ma. Where we have a very robust Italian group that meets weekly for cappuccino and speaking Italiano, as well as many other social activities. I lead a weekly hiking group where we only speak Italian, I can’t wait to show them your magazine.
    Elena powell

  3. Angela Sanfilippo

    I love your Magazine. I am Italian by birth but grew up in the USA. I enjoy reading the articles on the history of Italy and to read about the people. Congratulation a good job.

  4. I just now saw your magazine for the first time. I love it

  5. Maria Augusta (Sardoni) Taylor

    I am a native Italian from Turin (the email address acknowledge that). I immigrated as a non-English speaking bride over 51 years ago; met my husband in Genoa while he was serving with the US Marines and fulfilling his duty of “the Med Cruise requirement” – we were engage for 2 years via USPS and he came back to marry me in my home city. I have lived in many places, but he comes from the South Shore so after 10 years we settled in the same area. I subscribed in the past to many Italian-American publications, but none survive for long; one of my favorite was “IAM” of which I still have a very important issue – Nov 1976 where the article “The Case for Ethnicity: A Century after Ellis Island” it was a great article! I do miss their magazine!
    I found your excellent magazine today Sept 3rd, 2014 while undergoing radiation therapy @ MGH in the afternoon, I had spent the morning having chemo for 3 hours; so reading your August publication was a very enjoyable surprise. THANK YOU
    I wish I could subscribe but with all the medical expenses and forced to make ends meet on a senior’s fixed income …. I can’t afford such an expense. I will keep looking for your magazine in various places where I might go and hope to find it so I can repeat the enjoyable experience.
    Good luck for a very successful future. I will see if I can find your Facebook page.

    • My family is from Torino area also. Would like to meet another paesano so we can speak “il dialetto piemontese”. We also live on the South Shore.
      Bostoniano is one of our favorite magazines.

  6. Carol Rae Bradford

    Hello, We love Bostonian very much.

    Please continue to leave your magazines at the main branch of the Somerville Public Library on Highland Ave. As seniors, we are unable to buy the printed magazine…limited budget.
    We love your recipes!

    Carol and Paul Bradford
    Highland Ave, Somerville, MA

  7. Molto interessante mi fara’..piacere leggerVi.

  8. denise alessandro

    I live in Florida and want to subscribe. I am originally from Boston.

  9. Dear Nicola
    Hope this finds you and your family doing well CONGRATULATIONS on a very successful venture. The magazine is great and an enjoyable read. Looking forward to visiting you soon. The lodge has voted at our April meeting to continue to support ‘I Am Books – Children’s corner. Ciao for now….

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