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Dreams are a wonderful thing. It’s a pity to keep them bottled up in our heads.

This website is a dream that has managed to make it out in the open. All it took was an idea and a few hours spent working on it on a cold night in January. That’s how quickly a dream can come alive.

But as this project grows into the journalistic reality its members envision it to be, the time and effort that need to be put into it increase.

This is where you can make a difference.

If you believe what we offer here is precious to you and your community, make a statement and donate. Contribute to a project you can be proud of and that you know makes a difference in a world where details are often overlooked.

We think details matter. We think you matter, and that is why we work so hard to bring you news you will not find anywhere else.

All together we can make a difference. All of us together.
– Nicola Orichuia, editor

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