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Masks and Music of Carnevale through Commedia dell’Arte


What: Date and Time Sat, January 27, 2018 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST Add to Calendar Location I AM Books 189 North Street Boston, MA 02113 Pazzi Lazzi’s Chiara Durazzini and Dan Meyers join forces for a unique Carnevale-inspired presentation featuring Commedia dell’Arte masks and Renaissance-period music. The event is family-friendly. EVENT INFO & TICKETS  

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Gangi honored by his hometown Sciacca


For years, Pascal Gangi has been tirelessly promoting his Sicilian hometown’s traditions in the Boston area. Known for the large floats he builds with his A Little Taste of Sicily organization, the Revere resident recently received a special honorary medal from the city of Sciacca, where he spent over a month last winter perfecting his float-making skills in preparation of the Carnevale. “I cannot thank you enough for the great passion you show for our Festa,” wrote the city’s head of cultural affairs, Salvatore Monte, in an official note to Gangi. “Your contagious love for the Carnevale di Sciacca has ...

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Carnevale with the Vaudo Clan — In person, this time


Last year I wrote about the Vaudo clan’s annual pre-Lenten Carnevale meal – a daylong event attended by over 60 people spanning five generations. This year I had the honor of participating in the meal at the invitation of Tommy and Rita Damigella. Held at their lovely home in Topsfield, Massachusetts, the gathering was an experience of a lifetime that brought back memories of my own past family meals and thoughts about the future of Italian and Catholic traditions. As you may recall, the Vaudo meal tradition was brought over from Gaeta, Italy, by Salvatore and Anna Vaudo and has ...

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Revere youth bring Carnevale to Boston


For years, Pascal Gangi has been continuing the Carnevale tradition that comes from his hometown Sciacca, in Sicily.

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Carnevale with the Vaudo Clan

700 Ravioli homemade to be cooked "Al Dente" for 65 family members along with 100 home made sausages 100  meatballs with 9 quarts marina sauce, plus all types of desserts salad and vino.
Grandma Vaudo is 100 years old with her daughter Jo DeVelis.

“Ravioli, meatballs and sausage, holy smoke. Carnevale, scunzalata and Grampa’s donkey joke. Oh, we eat a lot and we laugh a lot and do everything that we can, A credit to old Carnevale is Grampa Vaudo’s clan. The above refrain is recited every year as part the pre-Lenten celebratory meal of the multi-generational Vaudo clan. The tradition began over 100 years ago in Gaeta, Italy, and continues to this day, hosted by Tom and Rita Damigella. This celebration, which I just learned about, is interesting to me, not least of all because over a year ago, in my second story ...

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Boston’s colorful turn-of-the-century Carnevale


On February 4, 1895, the headline of the Boston Globe read as follows: Eleven Masquerading Italians. They Disturb the Sabbath Stillness of the North End by Celebrating a Carnival which Closes Feb 27.” The article went on to describe the event and its consequences. Out for “as good a time as could be had,” over 1,000 men, women, and children swung in line behind 11 costumed men “lead by a tall Neapolitan, who thrashed out national music. On they marched, returning the salutes of pretty Italian maidens who waved high-colored bandanas from the many windows of the big tenement houses. ...

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Celebrating Carnevale in East Boston

Carnevale colors - photo by ©Valentina Oppezzo

Held at the Spinelli’s Function Facility in East Boston,this year's “Carnevale” was once again a colorful success.

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