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The Magic Culinary Touch of Chef Marisa Iocco


“Cooking is an act of love — an ancient primal gesture,” Executive Chef Marissa Iocco opines. “Like all acts of love, it is deeply gratifying and like all ancient primal gestures, it’s good for the soul.” Executive Chef Marisa Iocco is a cook at heart as well as by vocation, but she doesn’t look the part. Slender, tall, sporty and tanned to perfection, as she sits in the sun on a glorious morning at one of the wooden tables in Old North Square, she could pass for a cyclist on a break. She is, in fact, taking a break — ...

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85th St. Rocco’s Feast a Huge Success


The St. Rocco’s Feast committee members should pat themselves on the back for putting on one of the best feasts in the history of St. Rocco. A few of Malden’s finest talents, such as Paul Gilligan, Dave Russo, Charlie Farren and Joey Voices drew crowds of thousands to Pearl and Thacher Streets. The aroma of sausage sandwiches, meatballs, freshly shucked oysters, fried dough, espresso coffee and cannoli were only a few from the vast choices of food on display all weekend. The St. Rocco procession weaved through the streets of Malden stopping often for devotees to pin money onto the ...

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Winthrop’s Cafe Rossetti’s: Where People Meet to Eat

cafe' rossetti's winthrop

Tucked away in a seaside town, you can find a teeny tiny family owned restaurant that is worth the trek outside of the city.

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Revere High School Celebrates National Italian Honor Society Induction Ceremony


On May 1, Revere High School celebrated its 9th annual National Italian Honor Society Induction Ceremony. The evening consisted of a formal instatement into the society as new members recited an oath vowing to promote a deeper understanding of Italian language and culture. Students also performed the Tarantella, read various poems by Italian poets, and even sang a cover of Laura Pausini’s “Benvenuto”. The ceremony was attended by many proud family members and friends, in attendance also were Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Christopher Malone, Director of the Foreign Language/ELL Department Albert Mogavero, Revere Mayor ...

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Dunne and Crescenzi, It’s Italy at your Dublin Doorstep


We had an outstanding lunch at Dunne and Crescenzi in the heart of Dublin, a lively restaurant located close to Trinity College.

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A very Italian tour of the North End


On Oct. 26, I had the honor and pleasure of leading a group of about 40 Italians and other Europeans on a tour of the North End. Most had visited the North End before, but they knew little about its past, either as a historical section of Boston or as an Italian-American neighborhood. I lead the tour at the request of Andrea Ponzone, who I had meet about a year earlier at an event sponsored by the Braintree Italian American Cultural Organization. Andrea is a judge advocate for the Archdiocese of Boston. He is from Torino, Italy, and has been ...

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The DiCenso Family – Rino’s Place in East Boston


In East Boston, masked by tripledeckers and tucked away on residential streets, you will find two primetime restaurants run by the DiCenso family. “It takes a strong-hearted family to run any type of business” says Anna DiCenso, Chef Tony’s wife and business partner. They are the second generation to run Rino’s Place and have turned this local institution into an international sensation. Cheryl, a 17-year veteran server at Rino’s, says that guests from all over the world have been coming in after seeing Rino’s Place and Chef Tony on “Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.” “They have books, they plan their vacation ...

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Italian Cultural Center of Western Mass. will give Serviam Award to Joseph Garde, Rocco Mesiti and Angelo Puppolo


This story was printed by the Republican Newsroom The Italian Cultural Center of Western Mass. will present its 2013 Serviam Award to Deacon Joseph Garde, Rocco Mesiti and state Rep. Angelo Puppolo Jr. at an awards celebration brunch at St. Anne Country Club, 781 Shoemaker Lane, Feeding Hills on Jan. 5, 2014, at 11:30 a.m. The Serviam Award is given to individuals with Italian ethnic heritage who have devoted their lives to the betterment of society through community service and who have enhanced the Italian-American communities throughout Western Massachusetts by exemplary works. Garde is an Italian American who has dedicated ...

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My Christmas Commuter Caper


It was a perfectly lovely evening to get bus-jacked, I suppose. Since it was the day before Christmas Eve, I was in a particularly joyful and triumphant mood. The “Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack played softly on my iPod. It was snowing lightly and there was the perfect amount of crisp winter chill in the air. Unfortunately, there was a bit of chill on the bus as well. The heat didn’t seem to be working, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if the ride home had taken only its usual 30 minutes. However, the bus was crawling at a snail’s ...

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C.A.S.IT. Launches First Innovative Italian Summer Camp


The Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT.) launched its first Innovative Italian Summer Camp program on Monday, July 8. “I still can’t believe we managed to make this happen,” said Camp Director Maria Gioconda Motta, founder of C.A.S.IT. and one of several volunteers working at the camp. The program includes both indoor and outdoor games and activities, with 19 children participating the first week of camp and another 12 coming in the second week. The camp takes place at the North End’s Eliot School, thanks to the principal Traci Griffith, who opened the school doors for the camp.

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Armando Petruzziello: An Italian immigrant Story of Success


Italian-American Armando Petruzziello founded three successful ventures since immigrating to the US in 1971. He shares his story below. “I came in the USA on Saturday March 13, 1971 at the young age of 24,” explains Armando. “The first thing that made an impression on me was the big 18-wheeler trucks. I loved them so much that I told my wife I wanted to be a truck driver. While working in construction job supporting my family of 5, I went to school to get my truck driving license. Upon obtaining my Class 1 Driving permit, I applied for a job ...

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Podcast Episode 2 — The North End


Salve a tutti! Welcome to our second Podcast episode: Viaggio nel North End Our first podcast focused on the history of the city of Boston. This time, we look at the historic neighborhood of the North End, where hundreds of thousands of Italians have gone through over the past century. After talking about the history and importance of the neighborhood, we spend some time with Jeanne Dasaro, creator of NorthEndStories.com, who explains how the stories she collects through her project help maintain the spirit of the North End. Enjoy the podcast. And if you are in trouble with Italian listening, read ...

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