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Carnevale with the Vaudo Clan

700 Ravioli homemade to be cooked "Al Dente" for 65 family members along with 100 home made sausages 100  meatballs with 9 quarts marina sauce, plus all types of desserts salad and vino.
Grandma Vaudo is 100 years old with her daughter Jo DeVelis.

“Ravioli, meatballs and sausage, holy smoke. Carnevale, scunzalata and Grampa’s donkey joke. Oh, we eat a lot and we laugh a lot and do everything that we can, A credit to old Carnevale is Grampa Vaudo’s clan. The above refrain is recited every year as part the pre-Lenten celebratory meal of the multi-generational Vaudo clan. The tradition began over 100 years ago in Gaeta, Italy, and continues to this day, hosted by Tom and Rita Damigella. This celebration, which I just learned about, is interesting to me, not least of all because over a year ago, in my second story ...

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An Italian Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving and ravioli! Not Thanksgiving and Turkey, but Thanksgiving and ravioli: homemade ravioli; my father’s homemade ravioli. I remember that he would start to make them a few days before the holiday. I can still see the flour, eggs, water and other ingredients spread out on the kitchen table. I can see him mixing the dough, rolling it out, and then cutting it into sections to be filled with the cheese he had prepared. His ravioli were huge, and they were delicious. If you are like me and millions of Italian Americans (not just from the North End) your Thanksgiving ...

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