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AS Roma Helps Boston Bolts Youth Program

FC Boston - U18 Development Team

In late January, Italian soccer club AS Roma announced the expansion of its renowned youth soccer academy program to the United States. Selected among the seven elite U.S. soccer academies was also FC Greater Boston Bolts. “Player development in the United States continues to be a top priority for us,” said AS Roma president James Pallotta, who runs Boston-based Raptor Group Holdings. “We are confident this initiative will be great for the country and club and produce many star players of tomorrow.” Founded in 1986, FC Greater Boston Bolts is the oldest soccer club in Massachusetts, boasting a top level, ...

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When calcio first came to the North End


Soccer via the World Cup is making the headlines this past month. Recently, in column for in the Clarion-Ledger, Ann Coulter helped it along when she linked the growing popularity of soccer to “moral decay” in the United States. I thought it was a funny column, a tongue-in-cheek stab at the definite media hype around this increasingly (albeit quadrennially) popular sport. One point she spoke a definite truth: “If more ‘Americans’ are watching soccer, it is only because of the demographic switch” brought about by the 1965 immigration law. This law did allow a different demographic into the United States, ...

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Back in the Day at St. Anthony’s School in the North End


When I think of September of my younger years, I think of going back to school after the long summer break. School of course went beyond September, but September marked that important time of the year when summer was officially over and school began. I went to St. Anthony School and then Christopher Columbus, but I want to limit my thoughts here to St. Anthony’s, and save Columbus for another time. Starting school in September meant that I would start a new walking routine. Leaving my “house” on Jackson Ave each weekday morning, I’d walk down along Charter Street, take ...

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World Cup Fever: Here it Comes!


Recently, loyal soccer fans watched the Confederations Cup. As a devoted fan of the Azzurri, I too watched with anxious anticipation and clenched my jaw as the Azzurri ran up and down the pitch.

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Youth is served at GPS Milan Boston


When you hear the name “AC Milan,” what probably comes to mind are dramatic displays of athletic prowess on far-off soccer pitches or larger-than-life personalities like Mario Balotelli with his bleached Mohawk. But did you know that AC Milan has a local connection? Located in Newtown, GPS Milan Boston is helping young athletes improve their soccer skills, enhance their passion for the game and strengthen their ability to play as a team. But according to Mr. Cesidio Mazzola, Director of Soccer Operations, the program’s commitment to its young athletes goes much deeper than the game itself. A native of Italy, ...

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Nothing Typical About AS Roma Club of Boston


Calling all AS Roma fans! This one is for you! On a typical dreary damp Sunday in January, I met with Michael Rizzo, one of the founders of the AS Roma Club of Boston. What I learned is that there is nothing typical about this club. A very gracious and proud AS Roma fan, Mr. Rizzo provided me with countless facts that are little-known to many. Three enthusiastic organizers — Rick Antonellis, Marco Giorgini and Michael Rizzo — started this club because of their shared passion for AS Roma and to find a way to join forces with other supporters. ...

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Soccer and Society in Boston

Fans line up to see the Azzurri in the North End (photo courtesy of NorthEndWaterfront.com)

Benevenuto! The beautiful game is more than just a game. It's a magnificent display of social, cultural and national identity. Not to mention a passionate display of emotions and devotion.

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RAI Drops Serie A Rights Abroad, ‘Giostra del Gol’ On the Line


Tens of thousands of Italians abroad who depended on RAI to keep up with their favorite Italian soccer team might soon have to find alternative sources for all calcio-related news.

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AS Roma Beats Liverpool 2-1 at Fenway Park


Serie A's AS Roma kicked off its summer friendly season with a 2-1 victory over British Premier League's Liverpool.

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Italian Midfielder Campisi Trying Out for New England Revolution


Former Monza and Verona player Luisito Campisi will be trying out with the New England team before the MLS start in March.

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Celtics’ Garnett to Buy Into A.S. Roma

Kevin Garnett (original photo by Keith Allison)

Kevin Garnett reportedly seeking to invest in Italian team recently purchased by Boston-based team of investors.

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Thomas DiBenedetto Finally Named President of AS Roma


On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, one month after taking a controlling share in Serie A's AS Roma soccer team, American entrepreneur Thomas DiBenedetto has been named president of AS Roma, the club announced in a statement on their website on Tuesday.

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