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Spazio di Gioco in Italiano (May 12 – June 29)


Storytelling, art and crafts and playtime in Italian.

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Escaping the summer heat: Rice Salad (Insalata di Riso)

Insalata di riso (photo by &copyFrancesca Bruzzese)

In keeping with the theme of my past few recipes, I’m sharing another summer friendly dish that takes minimum effort and heat to prepare. Insalata di riso — or rice salad — is a dish that I came across for the first time while living in Bologna. It was June, and the heat was already at its peak. My go-to favorites, tagliatelle al ragù and piadina with prosciutto and mozzarella, suddenly seemed too heavy to eat when the weather was so hot, and tortellini in brodo was completely out of the question. The hearty Bolognese cuisine that I had grown ...

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Italian feast season ready to roll in Massachusetts


Now that the snow has finally all melted, the Boston area can start gearing up for Italian feast season once again! Boston’s North End will once again feature the bulk of the celebrations, which will kick off June 7 with the Santa Maria di Anzano procession, followed by processions for St. Anthony of Padua (June 14), St. Padre Pio (June 28), Madonna delle Grazie (July 12), and St. Rocco (July 19). The neighborhood’s first feast will be St. Agrippina di Mineo (July 31-Aug. 2), folllowed by the Madonna della Cava Feast (Aug. 7-9) and the Fisherman’s Feast of the Madonna ...

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The Frozen Bliss of The New Art of Gelato


As we meddle through spring, with summer fast approaching, we ask ourselves: “Is there any better way to satisfy our taste buds than with a cold, confectionary treat?” Although we all tend to become increasingly more aware of our figures during this time of year, we can’t help but associate warmer weather with frozen desserts that help cool us down. But with so many options — traditional ice cream, the seemingly ubiquitous frozen yogurt, slush, and gelato — which does one choose? It seems, yet again, that all we must do is turn to our Italian neighbors across the ocean ...

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Is Arutas Beach (Sardinia)


#163077373 / gettyimages.com #163077375 / gettyimages.com #163839848 / gettyimages.com

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Don’t Be Afraid to Visit Italy in August

Crowded summer beach in Italy (photo by Roberto Ferrari)

I’ve been talking to people who are deciding at the last minute to visit Italy this summer. For a number of reasons (like the school schedule), their schedules only allow them to visit Italy in August.

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Visiting Venice This Summer? Do You Know The Etiquette?

Venice - Piazza San Marco

Venice receives an average of 80,000 visitors per day. That’s a staggering number considering Venice only has 60,000 permanent residents. And how to get them all the behave in such a small space? With rules of etiquette…

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