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Pantelleria: 5 Things You Don’t Know About this Sicilian Wonder

Pantelleria (photo courtesy Perillo Tours)

An Unbiased Italy Travel Blog Brought to You by Perillo Tours Pantelleria. You will be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it. It is about as far away from mainland Italy as you can get and still be considered Italy. It can be found between Sicily and Tunisia. Whether or not you’ve heard of Pantelleria, you may not know these five fun facts about the island: 1. The island’s dammusi date back to the 10th century. Dammusi, the signature homes of the island, were first built during the 10th century and are unique to Pantelleria. These homes have a rectangular ...

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Taxes Up in Rome’s Luxury Hotels

A hotel in Rome (photo courtesy Perillo Tours)

Italian lawmakers recently approved a new lodging tax, hiking fees for five-star and four-star hotels from 3 to 7 € and 6€, respectively.

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Is Arutas Beach (Sardinia)


#163077373 / gettyimages.com #163077375 / gettyimages.com #163839848 / gettyimages.com

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Enjoying Siena After Sixty


Siena is one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval cities, well worth a trip even if you are only in Tuscany for a few days.

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Spoleto: Trekking In and Out of Town


We chose to stay in Spoleto for six days because of its location in southern Umbria. We were not disappointed.

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New Rules at Italian State Museums


As of July 1st, new rules are being applied to visits of Italy’s state museums, such as the Uffizi in Florence.

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Lake Garda in the morning


Sunrise over the mountains surrounding the lake that borders the Lombardy and Veneto regions.

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Returning to Italy: Any Suggestions?

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 6.43.23 PM

“What are you going to write about this month?” asked my sister. I let out a long sigh, “I haven’t a clue. Maybe I have writer’s block or something? Any ideas?” She was quiet for a minute. Although my sister Lisa lived hundreds of miles away in Washington D.C., I could picture her deep in thought: phone in hand, lips pursed, eyes slightly squinted. #184162944 / gettyimages.com “Hmmm … what about the time you slapped me in Basilicata?” I laughed; I should have seen this coming. “You are never going to let that go, are you?” “Nope. Never. You slapped ...

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Rome’s Trevi Fountain Undergoes Renovation


Where is the one place any visitor to Rome must go? Why Trevi Fountain of course! As throwing three coins in the fountain promises a return trip to the Eternal City.

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A tour of the Vatican Library


Through the auspices of a good friend, we were given a guided tour of the Vatican Library. What an amazing highlight for a book lover!

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Italy Travel Photo: The Christ of Maratea


In 1963, commissioned by Count Rivetti, who first put Maratea’s name on the tourism map, Florentine sculptor Bruno Innocenti crafted the 72-foot statue called Il Redentore (the redeemer) out of white marble.

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Napoli: I love you, then I hate you, and then I love you


Marjorie Eisenach shares her experiences with all things Italian during her international travels. Italy’s third largest city is very different from Rome and Milan. It is a unique hybrid, at times reminding me of a Moroccan souk, with its dark warrens of crowded streets, and even a bit of what Manhattan looked like before the big clean up in the 1980s. Waves of invaders from Greeks to Bourbons once ruled Naples and it still bears witness to Greek, Roman, and Spanish influence. Some of Europe’s best archeological sites lie scattered around the Bay of Naples and the jaw-droppingly beautiful Amalfi ...

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