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Eat; Write; Love ~ An Amalfi Coast Writer’s Workshop With Michele McPhee

When: October 11-16, 2014

Where: Positano, Italy

Michele McPhee

Michele McPhee

A workshop for artists in “a dream place” as author John Steinbeck famously declared while living in Positano, Italy. With bestselling writer and award-winner journalist Michele McPhee.

Everyone is a writer, all it takes to be successful is audacity supported by other artists. That’s exactly what launched the career of best-selling author, award-winning journalist, and Emmy-nominated television producer Michele McPhee: audacity. That and the energy of other writers is what gave her the audacity to write her first book, her second, her third, fourth and fifth.

Cooking Vacations Writer’s Studio is an opportunity to tap into the writer in everyone, to make your pages come alive, to obtain feedback in an intimate community of writers about developing character, dialogue and a real sense of place in a setting that is unforgettable.

There’s something about being away from home that can allow us to tap into our creativity in ways we never have before. But the Eat, Write, Love Writing Workshop is much more than expressing artistry on the page; it’s also an opportunity to learn how to seduce with the plate.

Amalfi_Coast_Family_Vacation2Cooking Vacations has an international reputation for offering not just culinary classes, but a unique Italian experience culled over kitchen tables for centuries in unspeakably beautiful towns along the Amalfi Coast. So after four days structured around writing exercises and group feedback, there will be a last-night cooking class offered by the Italian characters that writer and chef Lauren Birmingham-Piscitelli has invited into her adventurous life. A native of New England who fell in love, physically and spiritually, with Positano the “dream place” where she met her husband, Lauren is the perfect teacher when it comes to food and anam cara, which is what the Irish call the soul friend found on travels.

You will return home from your magical trip with a finished piece of work, either a short story or a chapter or a narrative for your novel. It is impossible to come to Positano and not be inspired so this is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to recommit to their writing, or nurture the still small voice of the writer you know dwells inside you.

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